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Featured In Wisconsin State Farmer

By Jan Shepel As Seen in Wisconsin State Farmer, August 25, 2011 STOUGHTON Mark Frey has a passion for flying. As a kid he wanted to be an astronaut,


MF Helicopters, LLC is conveniently located at the East Troy Municipal Airport off of Highway L in East Troy, WI. (more…)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP8dZch_Bjw&feature=plcp


    Mark S. Frey doing what he loves, spraying fields. Come check out this video now to see him in action!

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  • Tweety

    Tweety arriving home. Coming from Alabama, but originally shipped from Europe. He is a world traveler, indeed!

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  • Smurfette

    Smurfette... It's just another day at the office for Pilot Jeff Klatt. Now, who says work can't be fun?

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  • Kermit

    Check Out This Take-off of Kermit decked out with his spray rigs to kick off our 2012 crop dusting season!!

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